Norman Mackenzie, 3 Portvoller

Last address in Lewis: 3 Portvoller
Service: Royal Naval Reserve, Patrol Service, HMS Lady Elsa
Service number: LT/JX 242662
Date of death: 1 September 1944 at the age of 38
Died in Addington Govt Hospital, Durban, of head injuries sustained on 27 August 1944.
Interred: Durban (Stellawood) Cemetery, Block F. Grave 458.

Stornoway Gazette
13 October 1944
The death of Norman Mackenzie, 3 Portvoller, in Addington Hospital, Durban, on 1st September, as the result of injuries received on 27th August, is very much regretted, for he was well liked and respected. Many have cause to remember his generosity with gratitude. Norman was a good worker and his services were much sought after. He could turn his hand to any job. He was methodical and thorough and believed in finishing the job in hand and finishing it well. Quiet by nature, he disliked ostentation or fuss of any kind. He was possessed of a keen sense of duty and joined the Royal Naval Reserve shortly after the outbreak of war. Last year he was in hospital for six months recuperating from a bullet wound in his arm. To his widow, two daughters and widowed mother, sister and brother, the heartfelt sympathy of the community is extended.

27 October 1944
The war has brought about many sad partings. We, who not too long ago roamed the hills together in boyish innocence, are today scattered abroad, never to be united again. When the time comes to make peace, and men of many nations sit round the judgment table in many a home, tears will be shed over a vacant chair. They will not return but their spirit will live with us forever for they were the fairest men our country ever knew. Among them we will remember Norman Mackenzie, RNR, 3 Portvoller, whose death in Durban was recorded in a recent issue of the Gazette. We who knew Norman from childhood to manhood, found in him all the qualities we could desire in a true comrade. It could be said of him that he died holding the respect of all. Before he answered the call of duty, his home was at 61 Langlands Road, Glasgow, and although the pay packet was not as big then as it is today, his house was a home from home for many a Lewis boy. No matter what hour the doorbell rang, Norman was sure to open it with outstretched hand and smiling face. To his widow and three daughters, his aged widowed mother, his his sister and brothers, we extend our heartfelt sympathy.

Ballaich Ceann a Loch

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